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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Dream Fulfilled
Dedicated to Marci

Submitted by Jack

A Dream Fulfilled

The bright sun glinted off the silver wings of the United 737 as we circled high above Stapleton airport; high above the blizzard raging over Denver. I was on my way home from another interminable business trip.

Looking at the billowing clouds I brooded once again over my lovely Angela. We were married six years ago and had no children yet. After our honeymoon, Angela's face glowed with her expectancy, her lifelong dreams realized, of becoming a mother. Sadly it hadn't happened. With each year that passed, she said less and less about having kids… but I knew her heart was torn!

We finally had clearance to land and slowly sank into another world, a world lacking in color. As we made the bumpy landing, I resolved to do something for Angela – but I wasn't sure what!

A couple days later I was at a local shopping center and saw a sign in the travel agency window: "Take your Valentine to Sunny Hawaii". I walked in and made reservations on the spot. That night while my wife was cleaning up after dinner I went to our bedroom and put a Don Ho album on, lit a couple of candles and placed a lei of fresh flowers on her pillow… along with the tickets!

We spent a week at the Ala Moana Hotel on Waikiki Beach. It was a time of magic: we would sit under the huge banyan tree in the afternoons, holding hands and dozing off, secure in our love. We walked on the beach at dawn - the sun peeping almost bashfully over Diamond Head. We went to the luau at the hotel; the swishing of the grass skirts music to our ears, the throbbing of the tropical drums felt to the core of our being.

It was a time of love for us, a growing closer. We also discovered a love for this beautiful island that was giving us such a lovely interlude. We had found a place of friendly people, a people that knew life was for living and living was something to enjoy!

On that long United flight home it seemed we held hands all the way. The stewardess asked if we were newlyweds and we just smiled. Two days later I had to go to Stockholm to do some training for several major customers. I was gone for a month. I called Angela from the airport and told her I would be home as fast as the limo could get me there.

When I entered the house I was disappointed that she wasn't there to greet me. As I walked up the stairs to our bedroom I could hear the sound of steel guitars, then I heard Don Ho's voice singing. Angela was lying on our bed with a Lei around her neck, and a big smile on her face. Her arms reaching out for me, she said those beautiful words for the first time: "Welcome Home Daddy!"

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