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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My True One!
Dedicated to Jenny Brown

Submitted by Adam

Those hazel eyes
and brown hair,
put the life in my life,
the taste in my air.
Three more weeks,
and it's back to the states.
Again we shall meet,
together soul mates.
It's as if we were lovers,
from some ancient time.
Meant for eachother,
heart, soul, and mind.
I look through your eyes,
deep into your soul
and down there it lays,
it's what makes me whole.
That warm tender kiss,
your soft velvet touch.
It's moments like this,
that strengthen our love.
My deep gradtitude,
for this perfect love,
is in fact due to our Lord above,
for one greater gift,
was given before
on December 25th our
savior was born.
On that day this year i will be far away.
So keep my thoughts near,
continue to pray.
It won't be long now,
when i'm in your arms,
when we can out,
safe from all harm.
Maybe we can go to Hawaii.
See that's why i fight,
I do what I do,
on this cold lonely night,
because I love you!
It's only right,
that they called upon me.
To come here and fight,
for you to be free.
I'll have no regrets,
when it's all said and done.
I paid all my debts,
and found my true one.
I love you!

Adam Utt

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