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Love Stories of Hawaii


By Chance
Dedicated to Mark

Submitted by Karen

In August 2001, I was working as a home health nurse and while on vacation at the beach, I called work to see how things were going. I spoke with my good friend and co-worker Melanie who said that we had admitted a "hot" guy who had been in a motorcycle accident and had a leg injury. The plan was for Melanie and I to make joint visits to care for his wound due to the extensive damage. Upon my return Monday, I met Mark. He was a nice guy, good looking, talkative, friendly and laughed quite a lot, despite his injury. Everyone at the office became friends with him because he was such a likeable person. Mark was discharged in December of 2001. We would see one another infrequently around town, but did not keep in touch.

In 2002, Mark experienced the loss of his son and in 2003 I the loss of my mother. These experiences were devastating for both of us, individually.

In 2005, failed marriages haunted both of us. While I was at another beach trip, my good friends Melanie and Leann saw Mark at a local restaurant and told him of my failed marriage and that he should call me. He was unsure and asked Melanie to give me a call to see if it was okay for him to call; he was afraid it was too soon for me to see someone again.

On August 3, 2005, Mark called. We talked several times during the rest of the week and when I returned from the beach on Saturday, we had our first date.

Today is January 18, and we are still together, smiling and happy. We hope our future holds strong. I have dreamed of a vacation for us in Hawaii and hope we can both experience our first visit to Hawaii together.

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