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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

"180 Degrees" Of Love
Dedicated to Laundry Man

Submitted by Sue

She told friends the first time that she met him, ‘I'm gonna marry that man – He doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to marry him." They shared a beautiful Minnesota summer; going to dinner and drive-in movies, dancing, watching softball games. Sweet kisses and quiet whispers in the dark. He had a free-spirited nature which complimented her own. They were both a little crazy; liking to be the "life of the party". Soon she was head-over-heels in love. But often a free spirit needs to remain so, and refuses to be tamed. When she found out that he preferred to "play the field" dating other women as well as her, she broke things off with him. And willed her feelings to turn 180 degrees.

"I hate that guy" she thought. Years went by. She dated others but often compared them, subconsciously, to her first love. Their paths often crossed, having cabins in the same area. Each time, one or the other of them was "taken". After 5 years, she heard through the grapevine that he had gotten married. It was like someone had punched her in the stomach. Despite the fact that she had talked herself into disliking him, she knew in her heart that it was all wrong. He was supposed to marry her. Within months, she ran into him again, and he attempted to charm his way back into her good graces. "Well," she said, "I obviously cannot consider dating you - you are already married!" "No, he said, I'm not. We were only married for a few months – It was a mistake. I'm divorced now" She did not believe him. Another two years went by. In the meantime, she heard that he had been telling the truth - He was indeed divorced. Finally, one more chance encounter, but he was leaving the next day for a planned vacation to Hawaii with a friend. "Please go out with me when I get back.." "hmmm… We'll see". She thought. A week in paradise must have had a positive effect on him because when he returned, he not only asked her out, but proceeded to tell her that she was the woman he had been searching for all along. He said, "If you'll just give me another chance, I promise you won't be disappointed.". They picked up where they had left off. How long have you two been dating now?" people would ask them. They delighted in saying "nine years. But we broke up for 7!". Soon he proposed. Now, 2 kids and 14 years of marriage later, they've been together for 25 years total (but remember: they broke up for 7!) And he was right. She was not disappointed. But she's not been to Hawaii, either. They've talked about it off and on, and aside from the incredibly romantic atmosphere, she has often wondered, "What is in the water?" She's now hoping for a chance to find out the source of his 180-degree turn

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