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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

True Love
Dedicated to Dan My Love

Submitted by Wife

a drive of love! a road that we both drive daily, but pass each other on a high way and with just a glance two people fall in love.. a young girl on her way to work, and a young man doing the same. with only a look and a moment to chance, he ask's her to go to duncan donuts! they talk over a cup of coffee and a newspaper, a moment that changed both of their live's! a high way that, took this couple to find love,marriage and children.. a story only found in fair tales, this couple is still together after 20 years of trials and continued love. family times& raising 4 children life only gets better.. a couple of faith and love, is the glue that keeps them together.. a real fairy tale brought to life. all due to a high way..this couple finally refound the love they felt 20 years ago, last christmas in hawaii, and have decieded to retire in hawaii a paridise.

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