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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Oceans Edge
Dedicated to Loretta and Gene Gilmer

Submitted by Beth

Sitting at home a year after his divorce surfing the web, Barry came across classmates site.
What the heck, he thinks to him self, and clicks on to the site.
Barry sees an old friend's name listed on the site.
Beth Brill, they had been friends all through school. Their parents had been friends as well. He had not seen her since graduation twenty-seven years ago.
He decides to e-mail her.
Beth is surprised to hear from him yet excited. She e-mails him back and includes her phone number.
That night he calls. They talk for hours. Three weeks later Barry travels from ohio to Michigan to see her. One year not just to the day but the exact time they saw one another (2:10 pm) they become man and wife.
Beth had been divorced for thirteen years, and happily single.
After Barry found her, she was amazed how happy she could be with a partner. He was not just her love interest he was her best friend. Marrying him was a leap of faith. She had never felt so secure, so loved so sure of anything in her life.
The year before he e-mailed her she had gone to Hawaii for her work. She had stood at the oceans edge and looked to the horizon. She instinctly knew she come back one day with a partner. Hawaii was beautiful and exciting yet lonely. She yearned someone to share the enchantment of the Island with.
Six months before their wedding. Barry's Mother died on Barry's Birthday. She had suffered with Alziehmers. She had always wanted to got to Hawaii and she and Barry's Father never made it there.
Beth and Barry decided they would go in her honor.
They knew she would be their in spirit. When they were small children she shared with Beth's Mom that she believed Barry and Beth belonged together.
The next year Barry's father passed away. Beth cared for him the last months of his life. They had wonderful talks and her father-in-law became her friend.
Barry and Beth are making plans to travel to the Big island with his parents spirits still alive in their hearts. Barrys sister and nieces will also attend. They will do everything in their parents honor.
Beth will stand at the oceans edge, this time with her husband at her side. They will think of an other couple who loved yet did not take a chance on there dream. Barry and Beth learned from them not to wait until the dream fades away.
They will celebrate their parents love and bond.
They will celebrate their love and bond, they will do this at the oceans edge.

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