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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Islands Give me Back my Lve
Dedicated to Steve T.

Submitted by Lee

If we went to Hawaii togethor, I know that you would love me like you used to love me. When did your feelings for me begin to change? Was it when the snow fell and left a frozen veil of indifference over your heart? You have turned into nothing more than a frozen, hollow scare crow of yourself. I just stand idly by, powerless and watch your heart die.

Would the warm, comforting trade winds of the islands revive your soul? Would the sunsets over Diamond head breathe life back into your sullen carcass? If we hiked through the rainforest and picked guavo would you grab hold of life again?

I may never know, and we will most likely go our seperate ways. I sure would like to find out, though.

This is for Steve. You were supposed to be the love of my life!

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