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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

You Would Not Believe
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Anonymous

Our 20th anniversary was coming up on July 28th. I found the old receipt from the hotel we stayed back then which I had kept since 1979. I called the hotel and spoke to the manager. The hotel had been bought out by another hotel chain. When I spoke the manager I told him that we had stayed back in 79 in the honeymoon suite and it had only cost us $30.00 He said if I could fax him the receipt he would charge me the same fee I had paid back in 79. The hotel now was the Four Seasons and the rooms were over $100.00. I had talked to my friends at work and told them that the manager was going to let me pay the same fee I paid back in 79. Of course no one believe me, and they all new my wife who worked at the local bank and they called her to see if I was telling them the truth. When they called her and she told them that yes it was true no matter how difficult it was to believe. So we stayed at this fancy hotel now, for just the small fee we paid years before. We had dreamed of going some where special as Hawaii, but at that time and as it still is now it still only a dream. Back them we were only earning minimum wage and now we have our daughter college to pay for. I would be a great dream just to go on our 27th anniversay.Would you believe keeping receipts can be good for over 20 + years.

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