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Love Stories of Hawaii


How Will Santa Find Us
Dedicated to The kid in all of us

Submitted by Colleen

"How will Santa find us?" This was the question our son asked when we told him that we were moving to Hawaii. It wasn't what I was expecting to hear. My husband and I had decided to move to Kauai after vacationing there for our anniversary. We fell in love with each other all over again and also fell in love with the wonders of the island. Everywhere you looked you could feel and see the romance that was part of Kauai. After living in a city that was growing rapidly with more and more commercialism it was such a relief to be where the people were relaxed and welcoming. The island seemed to reach out and beg you to explore and bask in its beauty. At that time we made a vow that we would find a way to raise our son in this atmosphere.

Everywhere we went there seemed to be this feeling of peace and tranquility. No one was rushing around, honking horns, and yelling at each other for perceived slights. There was a general feeling of caring and sharing that seemed to be a natural part of the island and the people. The island gave us a fresh look at what we were missing and the knowledge that it was ours if we wanted it. There was a romantic atmosphere wherever we went. The whole place seemed to be overflowing with warmth and love.

We came home with a renewed commitment to each other and our family. We showed our son the pictures we had taken of Hawaii and let him know that we were going to be moving there. He looked through the pictures, was excited about moving, and told his friends all about the area.

One morning he had a puzzled look on his face as he was looking through the pictures again. I asked him what the problem was and he looked up and said "How will Santa find us? Our new house doesn't have a chimney. There is no snow in Hawaii and Christmas only comes in the winter." Then he went back to the pictures knowing that Hawaii has it all even Santa!

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