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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Dedicated to My Mpm and Dad

Submitted by Georgia

my mom and dad have never been to Hawaii, its not that they did not want to go, life just dose not turn out the way you want it to.

just when things are going good, you have not had to work for some years, and can finaly go on the trip of a life time, to the big island of Hawaii or maby maui.

that is when it hits the big winds and watter, leaving you living in a 8X10 with only insulation on the walls and nothing of your 51 yrs of marrage no pic. of the kids or that china from grama, only a angrey, sick and frustrated partner. who you think is mad at you for moving to mississippi in the first place.

Then the kids come to see you, bringing you the great grand kids, then you remember that none of the things in that house you lost amount to a hill of beans, after all you still have your life and the life's of your family, you are the lucky one's and my never get a chance to go to Hawaii, you know even if it from a distance you are still loved.Hawaii is just a dream once more.

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