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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii is a magical island
Dedicated to To Everyone Who Believes In Magic

Submitted by Sky

I will always love Hawaii, it is an enchanted island full of beauty and strange happenings. The Island just over powers you with it's beauty and you never feel as if your alone when you are. If you stand out on a cliff and face the ocean, you feel the water spray onto your body and it feels like a cleansing. As you look out to the ocean you just cannot believe how far out you can see, it is so huge. Then when your eyes look up the horizon and the ocean meets the sky, it's just so breathtaking because the sky is so close to you and so huge. The clouds are so big and puffy and the colors in the sky take your breath away. At nighttime, all the stars come out, constallations you never saw are before your eyes, it's as if you can touch them. And, everything is green, the rain takes care of the island and waters the vegetation often, we love the rain. Just the sounds of the tropical birds, the ocean waves pounding against the rocks, the smell of flowers fill the air and the warm tropical breeze that warms your body. The island of hawaii is so alive and so beautiful, it is my timeless love.

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