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Love Stories of Hawaii


How my husband proposed
Dedicated to Oscar

Submitted by Fran

My husband did not have very much money to buy me any thing for me.. But on Valentines day he gave me a pretty little black heart necklace with a diamond chip in it.. he also asked to marry him.. I was not ready to say yes, at that time.. A few days later, some guys that worked for him called me asked if I said yes to his proposal?. I said, I had not yet.. they told me that they needed to tell me how he got the money for the heart necklace.. They said that for a year he had been picking up cans, gathering them at the plant so that he could sell them & buy me some thing.. Well, I knew that any man that would pick up cans for a year just to buy me a necklace, would absolutly be the right man for me to marry.. I told him yes.. that was 24 yeras ago.. And he is still that nice, hardworking, loving romantic man...I would like to surprise him by taking him to Hawaii for our anniversary.. It would maen so much to me to pay him back for all the great years and love he has given m

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