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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Forever More
Dedicated to Linda

Submitted by Brian

Thirty two years ago, on February 15th we were wed. We had little except for our love to sustain us. In high school and expecting a baby we talked of our lives as adventures and daring experiences yet to come. All of our relations and friends thought us crazy for what we were to embark on was trully madness! Children they said 18 and 17 they will not have a chance, for little did they know how our love was from the start. Romeo and Juliet did not have the feelings we shared!

We cared little for material things at the time for our love would sustain us. Through thick and thin we would survive together and face all that would impede us. Nothing would stop us from living our lives, hand in hand, two peas in a pod. Our thoughts were of today not tomorrow or next week. Only the love we had for one another was more important than anything that lay ahead.

Our life was to start with a honeymoon at a hotel in Newport RI. A gift from a diner's club coupon book for a weekend away. One of our fondest memories was sitting in the hotel indoor pool looking out on the snow flakes falling from the sky. Dreaming and talking of future getaways to places like Hawaii and the islands. We had so little, but our love was enough to keep us going. We left that hotel with nothing more than what was on our backs, driving a beat up car with "Just Married and In Love' written in soap on the back windshield. How were we to know that our lives would lead us to where we are now.

Thirty two years have passed our lives have seen the ups and downs like so many before us. From losing a child to having a grand child and waiting for more hopefully to come. But let me make one thing clear, our love still blossoms from year to year, living and loving still holds us close and one thing is still clear. We still dream of tomorrow, of adventures hand and hand we will take, thoughts of Hawaii still prominent in our wake. Though we have yet to make it to Hawaii or the islands, for sure our love will sustain us until that day we will arrive there! Two peas in a pod looking forward to what ever life brings, there is nothing quite so wonderful than loving someone so dear!

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