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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Everlasting love
Dedicated to Mark

Submitted by Angella

Our love story has many unique twists and turns. We first met in 1975 while we were both members of a catholic church youth group. I was fifteen and he was almost seventeen at the time. We met and started talking and as things go at that age and my first real crush. My best friend and his best friend started going out which gave us the opportunity to begin talking whenever possible. My mother at the time was very strict and therefore I did not see are talk to him at my home only at my friends home. That summer he went on vacation with his family to Disney World in Florida. While he was gone, he sent me a couple of post cards (which I still have) and brought me back a Mickey Mouse tee shirt. Well I can tell you that I was very proud to wear that very special shirt. I think I wore it till you could almost read through the material. I kept the shirt in my keep sakes for many, many years. I fell so in love with him. Later that summer the youth group went on a week
nd trip to Houston, TX and he asked me to sit with him on the bus. I was so excited and at the same time very shy about my feelings. Well needless to say I sat with him on the way and half the girls wanting to be in my place I did not spend our time there or on the ride back with him. After that I just pined away my feelings always talking my best friends ear off about how I felt and Mark and I would see each other on a weekly basis at our group meetings and would just say a cordial hi and go on about our lives. The one and only time he asked me out if you could say that after the trip to Houston was to accompany him one evening from a meeting to one of the local funeral homes so that he could make a showing for one of his great aunts wake. And yes I did say funeral home. Needless to say I was not dressed for that type of setting but was in awe I couldn't or wouldn't let myself turn down the opportunity to spend time with him. As we were approaching the entrance to the funeral
home, we or he should I say decided that we would not let anyone know we were together and I would tell anyone that asked that I was with my mother who wasn't even there. His mother was there along with a brother whom I also knew of but not really friends with. While he went in and made his appearance I waited on a sofa as far from the crowd as possible. Of all the people there his brother happens to come by and sits down and starts talking to me. He asks who I was there with and I preceded to give our story line of being with my mother and just when I finished Mark came up and ask if I was ready to leave. I have not felt that out of place and embarrassed very many times since that night. We still get a real laugh about our first and only date being to a funeral home. Well he was a senior in high school and me still younger and very shy went our separate ways while I still knew I loved him and always would.

Once he graduated from high school and started college he as most college guys had girls lined up wanting to date him. He began dating a girl that would become his wife of 25 years. A situation that I will not elaborate on thru them into high gear and were married at the age of nineteen. In college with a wife and baby on the way boy had things had surly changed for the love of my life. I can still remember hearing the church bells ring on the day they were married. My heart ached for all our lost possibilities.

As life goes on, I began dating and met my husband of 19 years. We had two children and were very happy for many years. Mark and I ended up working for the same company if you can believe that. I worked in our hometown and after graduating from college as an electrical engineer Mark took a position at the home office about 200 miles north. This was in the mid 80's and as many businesses our company began making changes and decided to relocate the computer and billing department which I worked to the home office. Now remember I had not seen him but maybe in passing on more than five years. We did not even know that we worked for the same company. When I was looking through the company phone book and came across his name I almost flipped. I immediately picked up the telephone and called him to say hello. He can still remember exactly where he was at the time of that call. We talked awhile about our lives and did not see each other except at a company function over the next fif
een years. As you know life goes on and we make the best of it at the time sometimes knowing that something is missing and not really knowing what that something is or could be. He had moved up into executive management which would give us the opportunity to see and briefly speak to each other. While sitting at my desk one afternoon, now remember he was executive management and I only a peon was surprised to find him at the other end of my phone asking if I could come up to his office for a few minutes. I was so nervous and had no idea what he wanted with me. I went up and when I walked into the office he asked told me that he had been to a conference in Orlando recently and had brought me something back. As you can guess, it was a Mickey Mouse tee shirt. You could have blown me over with a feather I was so shocked. I loved it as much as the first one and it brought back so many memories. About two years later I began working out in our company gym after work. He would also
ork out when he was in town. We immediately had this connection talking and reminiscing about old times our lives, kids, etc.. We talked about all the places we have been to and the places we would like to go and Hawaii being the first on our list as the most romantic location in the world. Needless to say our days were much brighter just knowing we would be able to talk and see each other at the end of the day. As I said, he had moved up into executive management and after some very excruciating times and making some very hard decisions I resigned from my 21-year position with the company. That was the only way we could see what the future just might hold for us once again. Well we fell madly in love with each other and found that we are truly soul mates. We have been together for three years and have just become engaged at Christmas and Hawaii is first on our list of honeymoon destinations.

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