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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Costly Love
Dedicated to Judy Ann

Submitted by Anonymous

She fell in love with a PreMed student with all the expectations of the life of a doctor's wife: Great income; society page; travel; prestige. Then a prior claim on his life took the newlyweds to seminary instead of med school. Then the near-poverty life of a youth minister as she made as much and more teaching choral music to junior and senior high students. What was just a way to pay the bills with children on the way became a beautiful sacrifice. Those students became her re-creations as she spent herself on them and their newly trained voices, bringing trophies and accolaids to her schools. Her love for her preacher produced two beautiful children: an auburn-locked Allison with an angel's face and voice, and a freckled Kyle with talent and brains and such a tender heart. They would study at her feet and take up her craft and the world would not be again the same. His ministry moved them into the Air Force with its perpetual relocations. She set aside her musi
to teach special ed, a more marketable skill for the many moves that would come. Hard, demanding, costly work with kids and parents who no longer provided the gracious, responsive feedback that a choir can offer. No more trophies. And with each move, the heart ache of separating from quick friends and associates. Never the opportunity to build tenure or receive the honors that only come to those with decades in one school system. The loss was both hers and those school districts as her faithful love kept sacrificing over and again. Caught off guard and overseas when her godly mother died suddenly and unexpectedly. When just months later her baby sister died of a blood clot, leaving a husband and two young boys behind, she was distraught and yet a tower of strength. But do her great losses and costly love leave her bitter. O, dear God in heaven, no. She observes her own two children earn honors and scholarships and she revels in their music and sweet youth. Allison brought ho
e a preacher of her own and their love brings a granddaughter this May, if God wills it. Kyle composes and performs his music across the South while planning to graduate Ole Miss next year. And the chaplain's wife has traveled the world, know treasures beyond price, touched the hearts of thousands of students. Her latest reward? Moving to Biloxi MS just in time to lose almost every material posession to Hurricane Katrina. And this angel-wife of mine just laughs again! Another sacrifice of love. She's the first back to Biloxi Middle School to hold onto and cry with the students and faculty who have also lost much. No earthly love could ever surpass what this one powerful, beautiful, vibrant woman has displayed. I sit in silent awe. You should only hope to be so loved as I. I dream of taking this Princess and letting Hawaii see what love walking looks like.

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