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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Not just another love story
Dedicated to My parents

Submitted by April

Hello my name is April Marth and this story is about finding the one person that makes you the happiest. My dad is a very hard worker and was blessed with four lovely daughters, bless his heart. He raised three of us girls on his own until his now wife, Cindy came into his life. They together had a daughter which made four. My dad works hard everyday of his life to make sure that we had a good life. Now that three of us are moved out and on our own he is there with the last one and my step-mom. My parents were married 11 years ago on Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year. Not so sure the proposal was all that romantic but at least love found its way into my dad's heart, again. They never got to have a honeymoon with 3 daughters, and one on the way. The perfect trip for them would be to take that much deserved honeymoon and what better place than Hawaii. I would love to see my parents actually take a vacation and enjoy it, without the hassels of every
ay life. I hope you find their story, second chance love a romantic one and send them on their way to a never taken, well deserved honeymoon to Hawaii.

Thank-You the Utterback Girls

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