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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Never Say Never
Dedicated to Everyone

Submitted by Naty

warm summer breeze clean fresh air the sound of the ocean crushing to the sand,i was a sleep on paridise beach in myiknos island dreaming of everything in the world,i awoke to a tall dark shadow and cold ice drink all over me,a young man had triped over a towel with great embarressment,i was a little angry till i saw the kindness in his eyes he was very sorry we laught and just smiled at eachother he wiped me down and helpted me up ,there was somehting about him that just made me shivver beside the ice cold drink he just dropted on me:)we went for a drink that night and a long walk down the beach, moonlight and calm seas we kissed the kind of kiss you can never let go of but off course i was from australia and he was from greece.I got back to australia couldent get him out of my head we spoke for weeks on the phone and still do we are so in love we dream of are moonlight kiss on hawaii beach never say never that it wont happen again

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