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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Magic Love
Dedicated to My Husband John

Submitted by Anonymous

I met my husband in 1991 just before he was leaving for the gulf war. We dated for 2 months before he was called to go and fight in the war. He asked me to marry him but I told him there would be plenty of time when he returned as I had been recently divorced and didn't want to rush into another marriage. I realized after he was gone how much I really loved him and wrote him everyday till he returned. When he got back from the war we married only to have him within weeks shipped overseas unaccompanied for another year. We never got a honeymoon but always thought Hawaii would be the greatest most romantic place to go. When he returned from overseas instead of taking that long missed honeymoon we decided to start a family but I was unable to give him a child so we adopted. Then we adopted a second child so any thoughts of a honeymoon went out the window. Our children are now 6 and 10 and we wouldn't trade them for any honeymoon but still I would love to be able to say honey we are finally going to get the honeymoon we always wanted.

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