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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Sent from Heaven
Dedicated to Thomas Loge

Submitted by Cindy

In 1996 I found myself a divorced mother of a two year-old son, Thomas, and a four year-old daughter, Taylor. I wanted and believed I would be married to one man forever, but you don't control what other people desire. Working 12 hour shifts as an RN, keeping a house up and raising two children was quite a test. I did not know that God was simply preparing me to receive His gift. The exhausting days of being a single mom were just enabling me to one day appreciate His blessing. I dated several men who were very devoted fathers to their own children which greived me that my children's father was not quite so devoted. Although I respected these men for the love they had for their children, they were not what God had planned for my family. As I began to think there was no man who wanted a 34-year-old woman with two small children, who also had the moral values I wanted for my children, I began to pray. I prayed for God to put someone in my life who could accept and love my children and also be a companion for me. God answered my prayer with Tom. He wrote me a poem when we began dating in which he called me an angel. He was very honest and upfront about wanting a wife and family. He had had two unsuccessful marriages and had been left like myself. I could feel his pain and his longing for a traditional life with a family. He did not believe in premarital relations and never slept at our house. He respected the children, their home and their mother. We dated for two years before getting engaged and I kept thinking when are his true colors going to show themselves. I did not know that he was truly the handsome, hardworking, devoted, selfless man that he appearred to be. He was the angel in the poem he wrote about earlier, not me. We discussed whether we would have more children, as he had no biological children. Tom did not want to jeopardize the relationship he had with Taylor and Thomas. He was continually thinking of the best for all of us, his family to be. We decided to remain in my home when we were to marry so the children would not have to adjust to a step-dad and a new home. On March 16, 2006, Tom and I will have been married for four years and I am continually amazed at his thoughfullness and dedication to our family. Tom has always had a dream of travel to Hawaii. He has such a love of life and the outdoors. Tom would love every minute of a trip to Hawaii, to swim in the ocean, build sand castles, watch sunrises or sunsets, take pictures to share with family, walks, and bikerides to take in as much of the beauty as possible. Tom is a awesome man and would love the georgeous islands of Hawaii.

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