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Love Stories of Hawaii


God Blessed Our Broken Road
Dedicated to Keeley Monarez

Submitted by Anonymous

My fiancÚ came to my high school when we were in the ninth grade. From the time we met, both of us had an undeniable attraction for each other. We were good friends until New Year's Eve of our ninth grade year. That night we watched the ball drop together and draw closer to each other. After that, we dated for a while and mainly stayed good friends through the next two years.

In our junior year I was diagnosed with stage three cancer with a doubtful future. Through this she came to visit me and wrote me often which kept my hopes up while my life was taking a dramatic turn. I went through treatments for a little over a year which lead into our senior year of high school. On September 4, 2002 I was told I was cancer free, which was also on my 18th birthday. All of our friends had gathered at her house for the homecoming dance. I will never forget that day for as long as I live. I walked through her yard and saw her standing in front of her barn with all her friends. She stood there as if she was placed there by God himself. I locked eyes with her and that breathtaking smile still sends chills down my spine. At that moment everything stopped around me. Nothing mattered but her and I looking at each other. I knew right then that she would be my future bride.

We hung out for the remainder of our senior year. I was to scared to ask her out again because she was the popular girl and I was now the outcast. We remained friends and it wasn't until June 2003 when I was going on my Make A Wish trip to Hawaii when we finally got back together. The day before I left we had a luau sponsored by a car dealership where we kissed and I told her I would think of her and bring her something back from Hawaii because she wasn't able to go.

On July 9,2005 I made the choice that would change both of our lives forever. The ring is as beautiful and unique as her. The day I proposed I took her by the hand and lead her blindfolded back in front on the same barn that I saw her our senior year where I fell in love with her and knew we were going to be together. I got down on one knee in the same spot where we locked eyes and told her to open her eyes, with a yellow rose in one hand, the ring in the other I told her "This is where I fell in love with you and knew that we were going to be together".

Now that we are getting married on July 15 2006 I want to take her to Hawaii where I went the day after we had our first kiss. This would be a romantic honeymoon getaway.

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