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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to My Mother

Submitted by Louise

i was nine when we all moved to kauai by that i mean me and my four brothers and my dad.

it was a sad day for us all we felt all so small in side but we all new we had to hide it all.

for our dad was so tall and his anger we seen it all.

so we could not show a tear at all missing our mom was all we could stand.

but we had to go on and go on we did .we went to kalaheo school whear people whear so loveing that we felt right at home we whear all loved thear till we had to go home.whear thear was not even a phone to call for help. but we new if we got throw the night we would be ok till the next day knowing thear was people thear that would just let us play and not be hine a look and key.

it was not the best life for them or me but if we had to be any whear. kauai was the loveing plase to be. whear people loved one a nother like me. thank you people of hawaii kauai for the love you gave to me.

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