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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Woman's Hawaiian Moment
Dedicated to Brian

Submitted by Suzanne

I lie on the white sand, swaying palm trees, the spray of the sea. Never in my life have I felt so calm, so relaxed, so enchanted. I am lost in my thoughts of tranquility as he gently taps me and points out the most exquisite sunset I have ever seen. We hold hands, no words exchanged, knowing that this must be the best moment of our lives. All stress and worldly cares are gone. We focus on us and our closeness to the natural beauty that is Hawaii. Suddenly he takes my hand and we run into the warm, calm sea. Hawaii has brought me peace, and this moment is pure bliss. He is running back to shore, beckoning me. He calls my name but I cannot leave this warmth that has blanketed me. He calls me again, beckoning, "Suzanne… we must go." Louder this time… "Suzanne… Suzanne…."

I look up from my computer screen, a bit distracted as usual, and follow my boss into the meeting room. Yes, Hawaii is my tranquility, my escape. Perhaps tomorrow I shall travel there again.

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