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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Hawaiian Sillohette
Dedicated to Nancy Heropoulos

Submitted by George

As I sat on the 8th floor of the balcony watching the sillohette of my new bride against the soft glow of the Hawaiian sunset, I still could not belive the reality of having such as wonderful lady in my life.

Me, a rough, hard edge brute having an angel in my life. Who would have thought.

There was nothing I would not do for her.

We spent 3 days on Ohau, 3 days on Kauai and 6 days on Maui for our honeymoon in Hawaii.

We enjoyed it like it would be the only time we ever would have on these Hawaiian islands.

The memory of that image will forever be etched in my mind until I die.

Since that moment, many years have passed, and 4 lovely daughters have been born. After 10 years of a blessed marriage we made another trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Making it a second precious honeymoon. Again I could not believe my luck for having this wonderful women in my life. How did I deserve such a great woman? We continued our marriage and planned for a future doing more traveling togther later in our lives. As it happened, the love of my life developed breast cancer and after 5 years of battle, lost the battle. The hardest test the lord could give me. This was 6 years ago and we were married 25 years ago. Even as I write this story, I can never overcome the saddness of not having her in my life. I have four precious daughters that remind me of the angel I once had in my life.

As often as I do, I will always have that vision of her on the balcony in Hawaii where my heart left my body and became hers.

I look forward to seeing her again.


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