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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Renovated Honeymoon
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

My husband and I were married June 6,1976. It was the bicentennial year. That was the year when all the prices of everything was going up and being young we couldn't afford to go to Hawaii. Maybe in a future anniversary we decided. Well being the bicentennial year we thought it would be nice to tour the historic sites through Pennsylvania. Maybe not so romantic but what great memories to see the sites. We had even got bicentennial necklaces for the bridesmaids as keepsakes. So off we went on our honeymoon to find to our surpise alot of the things were closed for renovation or they were being renovated. Well we did get to see the Liberty bell, that was being moved. But had to laughed at our last stop in Valley Forge to see a sign reading closed for renovation. Well this year is our 30 year anniversary and we have never got to Hawaii. The high cost of everything from fuel to food has once again halted our dreams to go to Hawaii for our anniversay this year. So I was excited to see this site. If we were to win this trip, that would be so great. It would definately be a wonderful renovated second honeymoon. Ha Ha.

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