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Love Stories of Hawaii


High School Sweethearts
Dedicated to Brett

Submitted by Anonymous

Brett and I meet in my sophomore year of high school. Since then we have been together and just this Christmas Eve he proposed to me. With planning the wedding we haven't really though of where we would go for our honeymoon. We have decided to get married on 04/14/07. But financially we have been through some good and bad times. We are big fans of the show called, "Dog the Bounty Hunter", which takes place in Hawaii. We watch that show about every night and love the lingo they talk and it just absolutely looks beautiful there! We couldn't imagine going there. I wouldn't know where to start. We've never been the lucky ones ever. Everyone around us has won contest or a few dollars here and there with the lotto. We would just love to take part in that culture and I would love to make this the best gift anyone could give to their soon to be husband. Thank you for your time…

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