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Love Stories of Hawaii


One Broken Hip
Dedicated to Jeffery Merryman

Submitted by Amy

All my life I have dreamed of Hawaii, going there. Ever since I was a little girl and saw Blue Hawaii on tv. Always dreamed of going there someday with my husband on our honeymoon. Jeffery and I dated for almost 5 years and then in April of 2005, he finally popped the question. One week before our wedding, in June, he had a car accident that almost took his life. He broke his hip in two places and fractured it in three. A spot was spotted on his lung, yes he smoked, then he was trnsferred to Memphis and it had suddenly disappeared. I am sure God had answered my many prayers. (He does not smoke anymore.) He spent the whole week in the hopital and came home the day before our ceremony. Naturally the wedding was canceled, but we still got married in my mothers home, with the simple sighning of the license. Jeffery was off work for 3 months and I worked at a factory and took care of him. It was so tough and we were so poor, but it was worth it all to be married to him. I love you so much. Jeffery you are my dream come true. Still waiting on that honeymoon. We tried to go to the mountains in November, when we finally had our small ceremony, but Jeffery's job would not let him off and I had used up my vacation time at the hospital in Memphis, TN. I cried so hard for several days because I was so depressed. However, Jeffery convinced me to always remember that we have each other and that's enough. Still, after working 10 hour days, I come home and dream, as I watch Elvis in Blue Hawaii, how wonderful it would be to finally get there. Now I know that there are so many people more deserving than me, and I hope someone who needs this dream vacation wins it. I just want to tell you all that life is short and it can be over quicker than you think. I realized this when I almost lost Jeff. So remember, to cherish the one you love. Hold on tight and don't let go.

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