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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

My Destiny lies in Hawaii
Dedicated to my darling Don

Submitted by Susan

I had never fully believed in love at first sight until I met this man.

Although in reality we did not meet in person, it was apparent from the first hour we talked that we had hit upon something very special here. We shared so many common things, from life's experiences, likes and dislikes, to having the same date and month of birth. It was uncanny, like we had known each other forever. This was not a commonplace bond – it was an extra-ordinary one. Within days we became inseparable, finding ways with the time difference to talk and spend precious moments together, staying up to all hours, or waking early, just to hear each others voice.

We have both been deliriously happy, knowing that we are meant to be together, but the distance between us of living half the world away from each other was unbearable. Soul-mates separated only by air. As the days drift by, the feelings of needing to be together only increases.

A lovers tryst is in our minds every waking moment, and we know that half way for both of us is Hawaii. I could not imagine a more beautiful setting to finally be with the man of my dreams than in Hawaii exploring the delights of such a romantic spot, with the gorgeous beaches and stunning sunsets. In our mind Hawaii is the place we are going to meet for the first time, the place we are going to declare our love for each other, the place we will probably return to on special occasions, just to remember how wonderful our time together on that magical Isle was.

But how long before we can make this happen?

A year from now we thought……but could it be sooner, could it be possible?

Can the fates finally bring us together?

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