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Love Stories of Hawaii


Never Say Never
Dedicated to Robert My Love

Submitted by Louise

hello my name is louise foster it was hall.i moved from kauai hawaii to longmont colorado whear i went to longmont high school thear i had most of my classes with the man i would marrie but did not no that as of yet. i had just turned 18 when i ran away from home. feeling all a long and not loved and not wanting to go back home i remmber what my x dad always said to me . he said if you get to whear you are going to have a baby dont even come back home. so i did now my life was even worse then ever. so i had to move back home and i had a job baby siting for a family .and thay had a pool so i went over thear for a swim and thear was robert and we had eyes for one another well 2 weeks latter we got married and now its been 27 years and 4 kids latter and 5 grand kids. to all the people that said it would not last well i have it all with me lol thank you. louise foster

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