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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

You Gave So Much And You Saved Me.
Dedicated to Gail Silver

Submitted by Louise

one day i found my self and 4 other brothers liveing on hawaii oldest brother and i went to kalheo was a time in my life that was very heard to go on frome day to day.but with one person in my life that cared about other people i was saved from all the bad in my life.and her name was gail silver i will never for get her she saved my life when i did not want to go on. and to this day she still cant no just how much i love her for that and how my heart hurts in side as i was not able to say thank you for the life you gave me from the things she did for me like bring food to school for me to eat and would bring close to school for me so the other kids would not make fun of me.i just pray some day she will see this letter and read it and no how much she is loved.only on kauai can somthing like this happend. the love is kauai.i wish to come back some day to let my husband feel the love that i have felt and that is still in my mine and heart for ever.gail i love you girl and thank you for saveing my life.

thank you louise foster in texas

ps. i think i was nine at the time and we moved thear in 1970 or 1973.

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