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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I want her back
Dedicated to Kenderlin Ruffin

Submitted by Joel

My name Joel Jones, Jr. I am a Marine serving in Iraq I have been over here for about a year now. The reason I am entering this contest to Hawaii is to try and get Kenderlin back in my life. You see it all started when we were back in high school. I have been with her since the10th grade and she has always been there for me. She was my first true love and I was hers'. When I graduated high school in 2001 I had nothing to do I couldn't go to collage due to money issue. Kenderlin was a year behind me and she had already been accepted to a school. When 2002 to came around I told her I was thinking about joining the Marines. Kenderlin thought it was a bad idea but I had plans of making her my wife someday. Later on that year I go to boot camp. I come back hoping to be close to home but that did not happen. I was deployed to Japan for a long year. While I was in Japan we ran in to some problems. She did not like the fact that I was in the Marines, and that I was in Japan. We would at time argue on the phone because we miss each other so much. A year goes by and I get back home. I see my family at the air port but I don't see her. So I think she had a class or something. I get home and I call her she doesn't act like she misses me or wants to see me at all. I wonder why is she like this you know I thought once I came home everything will be alright. I was wrong; she left me because I was gone for a year. She tells me that I move around to much and she just wanted a simple life with me no military. After that she just wanted to friends, I was too much in love with her to just be her friend. She always calls my mom to see how I am doing but I did not respond to her until Christmas of this year. Kenderlin was happy to here from me. She asks me why I haven't called her at all within the last year. I had nothing to say on that. Which this leaves me at today and why I hope I win this Hawaii contest. Kenderlin is my life and I want her back and I am willing to give up the Marines for her and I think this trip is what I will need to help her see that I love her still and she is the only one for me.

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