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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Rick

Submitted by Gloria

The last year had been unfair. It was as if the gods themselves had picked me out as to be their pet project.
Rick surprised me with a rip for my birthday... to Hawaii of all places..... I could imagine it cheap and tacky bored females with plastic smiles and vinyl chloride plastic skirts...Besides it was to far away and to expensive for what was sure to be an artificial holiday.....
We arrived at the airport after a 12 hour trip greeted by the girls calling cousin cousin and putting a string of flowers around my neck... At least the flowers were real.

Went to bed exhausted pain pills my everlasting companions and went to bed. No one could make me have fun...
Woke up in the middle of the night. The moon glistened on the black water. It was warm on the patio a slight breeze. Much better then Michigan where the cold had invaded my soul as well as my bones.
Fell asleep on the balcony until the smell of coffee woke me up... Good coffee.

Rick brought me a cup try it it is 100% kona... It was good. Not at all bitter. Drinking coffee after the first decent sleep in 6 months not a bad day to start the morning....

Lets go for a walk my husband suggested... He was waiting for me to refuse as was my habit to anything fun. OK I feel like a walk today.. On the beach he took me to a cove oddly deserted. Come lets walk in the water I used to do that on lake Michigan. before the accident.
The water was warm. The locals say this is where Hawaiian royalty would come to get healed. The waters are magical......He was always trying something to get a smile from me.. I am not sure if I can afford the deductible or if it is even covered by insurance.....He smiled at my attempt of humour it had been missing....
We went to that spot everyday the cold and hopelessness fading being washed away by the old spirits. Walking on the beach in moonlight I kissed him Like I used to... so long ago...
Thank you for not giving up on me...
He looked down at me his blue eyes with a hint of tears.... When we married I promised to love you in sickness and health.. I could do no less. I remembered then why I fell in Love with him. On the bad days I try to remember that strip of beach and the man who loves me.

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