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Love Stories of Hawaii


What's in a Word
Dedicated to My Husband for a great honeymoon

Submitted by Kim

What's in a word? If the word is Hawaii....everything!!! Beautiful scenery,relaxing music,friendly people,great atmosphere,overwhelming emotions and a wonderful experience!!! One that I will never forget and will live over and over in my memories.We had the perfect wedding on the beach at sunset.A private ceremony by a Hawaiian ministor,with a conch shell,ukulele,leis,a Hawaiian blessing,with the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves.As we danced to the ukulele and the lovely words of the song he sang,I thought it was our own little piece of Heaven!We experienced the island of Maui.What an experience,so much to do!!We listened to Hawaiian radio wherever we went.The music is so romantic and relaxing,it made the experience even more beautiful.There was never a dull moment.We went to a luau,on a sunset cruise,sunrise on Haliakula,road to Hana,stroll down Front sreet in Old Lahaina,through a lava tube,on a helicopter flight around the island,visited many wonderful places to eat and just enjoyed the ocean and the beaches.It could not have been better.I think I have learned the meaning of Aloha! Even though I loved all the activities,I think my favorite experience was the feeling of love the people have for Hawaii.You feel it everywhere,but listening to the words of their songs explains it all.We now pick up on our computer,the radio station we listened to while we were in Hawaii.I love it!!One of my favorites-Iz,his music is great!I hope I can return to experience some more of the love I felt while I was there.I know it started our marriage off right.What's in a word..everything! Aloha!!

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