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Love Stories of Hawaii


Twelve Years Later
Dedicated to Letter To My Beautiful Wife, Joanne

Submitted by Philip


Matt, who belongs to that laugh? Your infectious, almost devilish, laugh was the first thing I heard that day when I returned from my deliveries. I had to see who that laugh belonged to, so I opened the office door to find you sitting behind the desk, phone in one hand typing with the other. You with your beautiful brown eyes, stunning smile, and that laugh. Two years of wining and dining, candy and flowers, moonlit walks and sleepless nights thinking of you. On February 21st, 1994 we pledged our love to each other, becoming husband and wife, making me the the happiest man alive. Through the years there have been many wonderful times with a few sad days sprinkled in. My love for you is inmeasurable, there is nothing to compare it to. You are my world, the reason I get up in the morning. Though some things have changed, my love for you has only grown. Twelve years later I still get excited when I see you, my heart skips the proverbial beat. As we plan our trip to Hawaii, the belated honeymoon that you so much deserve, my pulse races with anticipation. Anticipation of hand in hand walks on the breathtaking beaches of Maui, the smell of the ocean, holding you in my arms while watching the sunset, dancing under the stars and making love to you by the light of the moon. The chance to say Ill love you always and forever in the most beautiful place on earth. Twelve years later you are my love. Your laugh still makes my spine tingle and your smile lights up my world. When you entered my life you made me whole. I hope I never have to endure a day without you in it. I pledge my undying love to you always and forever.

I Love You So Much
Your Underserving Husband

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