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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Dolhin Song
Dedicated to John Kochiss

Submitted by PatriceBlueMaltas

I meet John Kochiss just weeks befor I was to get married to another man. And I remeber thinking wow why didn't I meet you early. T remember feeling so safe around him, he was such a gentlemen. Well my Married failed it was awful actulay, and John became my best feind for seven years during this time. I finualy got a divorse and john was in Hawaii at the time. He then returned to Conn. where we both are from. He attended and acting class where I was trying out some of my writting skills. I wrote a romantic skit for two and I asked him to be in it. I remember our first kiss like it was a moment ago. I thought either he is a really good actor or this is real. We have been going out for three years. We both wanted to leave are stressful life on the east coast and try living on Hawaii. Both of use shut down in away buy not living close to the land and honouring our true selfs as free spirit. Not laying concrete or catering to the weathly around use. So we went to the big Island and On one magic day we went to Kehena beach where the water is very ruff the waves 7 feet tall. We saw the dolhins out there in the wild. And some how got the courage to swim out off shore in very deep water. And waited for them to come to use and I heard what I though was a bird and it was them a whole family. I wasn't afaird which was amazing because I almost drown in bermuda when I was a little girl. I just keep saying I am safe As long as i am with the dolphins. That is when they came up out of the water with their eyes looking like they knew me somehow like they knew my spirit and my heart and they honoured it. They in cirled use like a married of light and unconditoinal love. Later that night when we where in bed john said to me Thank you for going out there with the dolhpins I don't know if I would have done that alone. Their was such love in his eyes . Like that of the dolhpins eyes. A little poem. Beyound these words I know you feel where I've been an what is real beyond these words I love you. I am back on the mainland working and I miss him he is my soulmate he is the love of my life. And I miss him so much. Patrice Blue maltas

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