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Love Stories of Hawaii


Scrapbook Engagement
Dedicated to Julie, My inspiration

Submitted by Kevin

I wanted to propose to my girlfriend Julie in a special way. We only dated for six months, but I knew that she was the woman I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with from the shores of Hawaii to the painful cold of Wisconsin.

Julie enjoys scrapbooking a lot. She made some wonderful books in the past. So, I though up a scrapbook I could make of us and some memories together and give it to her with the ring as a surprise taped to one of the back pages.

I bought all the supplies and got some pictures of Julie as a child and into adulthood from her parents. I took a day off of work and laid out the book just as I had envisioned. Every page, every photograph, every background were laid out with painstaking care. On the last page was taped the engagement ring. The scrapbook read, "Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. They grew up a few miles from each other, but didn't know each other. She became a beautiful young woman and he became a handsome man. One day he looked at her and realized she had become a dream. He asked her out on a first date. They dated and fell in love. He realized he didn't want to be with anyone else." Here the book stopped and she had to turn the page where the ring was taped. Below the ring, it stated, "How does the story end?"

I took Julie to a popular tourist destination one weekend in October. We went for a walk in a nice state park and found a secluded bench underneath a gorgeous maple that was turning the perfect shade of red. I gave her the scrapbook. She was impressed with the effort I put into it as she was reading through it. She turned to the last page and I heard a gasp of breath. Getting down on one knee I told Julie I loved her and asked her to marry me. I removed the ring from the book and placed it on her finger.

It was some work putting the book together, but Julie is worth every ounce of energy. I am so happy she said yes.

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