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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Hero
Dedicated to Chad Aron

Submitted by Anonymous

My husband of three years, Chad, is my number one fan. When we met, I was a lab technician with a dream of becoming a physician. He proposed to me three days after I received my 21st rejection letter from my third round of applying to medical school. He simply did not care what my profession was or if we were poor for the rest of our lives. He loved me for me. He stood by me through on ongoing eating disorder, which I know many men could not have handled with such grace. When we finally picked a date for our wedding in October, 2002, we planned a trip to Maui. It was perfect and we had saved for so long to get this opportunity. Everything was booked and payed for, from our flights to our convertable rental car. Days before our wedding, I was accepted into a graduate program and we had to cancel our trip. Since then, we have been unable to afford a trip back to Hawaii. I am now in my third year of medical school, and we both recently went through a terrible and disappointing miscarriage. Yet, Chad still stands by me with strength, grace, and humor. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my biggest fan, and my hero. I would love to give him the honeymoon we never had in Hawaii.

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