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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Young Love
Dedicated to Danny Nix

Submitted by Anonymous

I dated my ex-husband through high school and immediately married afterward. After 11 years and one daughter later we divorced. While in high school I met a small town southern boy who came to the mid south fairgrounds where I worked as a teenager. we dated on and off but I lived in memphis and he lived far away in north carolina andwent to college in NC and played football. I was torn between him and my ex-husband but obviously made the wrong choice.

we went separate ways and I made contact with him after my divorce. We met after 12 years, had dinner, talked about old times, how things could have been and what a romatic honeymoon we could have had if we had been married as we always spoke of honeymooning in Hawaii. He returned to NC, called me a few times, we lost contact and how many times have I wished I had married him instead of the other. Things would have been so different but of course, you can never go back. I am sure he is probably married and has kids and grandkids now. My second chance at love did not work out. Maybe yours will

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