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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My first and true love
Dedicated to The crash of Titanic

Submitted by Alexandrina

My first and true love

All this happened thirty years ago .I was 17 and I was traveling with my mother and my husband on a ship. It was the year of 1934.It was still the time of the classes. We were first class with all the luxury and cocktail-parties and the tastefully tea-parties,dinners.It was terrible.I had a horrable life these years so I decided that I don't want to live like this any more.When the dinner was over I sneaked out and got to the back of the ship.I got outside the handrails.I was ready to let go,but in that moment a man though me some wise words and he somehow made me come back.Then I realized that he though special things for me .I said ‘Thank you' and gived him a big hug ,but in the same moment my husband saw me crying tears of joy and when he saw me in his arms, he called the officer. Cal started yelling at him. At the same time I standed up and make-up a big lie for Jack(that was the man who saved me)and Cal believed me and invited Jack to the first class dinner.

After 2 days we got together again.We bouth realized that we're in love.But it wasn't a very good day,because that night we hit an iceberg.It was very scary.That moment we were on the deck,kissing.We were very afraid because the crew said that the ship was starting to sink.There was a massive panic for the boats.the crew was letting only women and children.Jack wanted me to get into one but I didn't agree because I wanted us to be together right to the very end.And It did happen.We stayed on the ship until It sank.We were in the sea.It was cold,very,very cold.We found a door and I sat on it but Jack stayed in the sea.Then he asked me to promise to never give up hope…And these were the last words I heard from him.After half an hour I asked Jack for something but he didn't answer and then I found out that he's dead.I let him in the deep sea.I cried for some time.Then a boat saved me and brought me to Hawaii.I lost my family that day but I wasn't sad for this.I was sad for Jack,who was buried In the sea along with the other 1175 people from this crash.That was my only first and true life of my life and I'm going to keep my promise for as long as I live!

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