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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Waiting for you.
Dedicated to Julie, my pearl of great price

Submitted by Kevin

I never expected to be planning a honeymoon to Hawaii next year with my you. We met close to four years on a ski trip. I was invited by a new friend to join a group of young people for a weekend skiing. You were there as well. You just started dating Alan.

Our first encounter wasn't all that special. We talked together awkwardly as we ascended the hill on a ski lift. I don't remember this, but at the top you knocked me over unintentionally as we dismounted from the lift. You tell me about that all the time.

We became friends. I always liked you, but assumed that you were going to marry Alan. I remember the one time we sat next to each other at church after going into the sanctuary late. It felt nice sitting next to you.

You asked me to play on your softball team. Do you remember the one time my parents came and my mom asked if the catcher (you) was available? I had to laugh and tell my mother you were dating the pitcher (Alan).

I remember my heart skipping a beat when I found out you two broke up. We went on another ski trip last year, but you were dating Jeremy. That's where I first noticed you as more than just a friend.

But, I waited. I wasn't the type to steal a woman from another guy. That relationship didn't last long. When you became abailable again, I knew that my chance of romancing you might not last long. I called, sent E-mails, and stayed near you during group outings as much as possible.

I finally summoned enough courage to ask you out. Our first date was wonderful. I still remember the outfit you were wearing, the way your hair was styled, and the light in your brown eyes. Our conversation was easy and relaxed. I learned so much about you.

It was weird at first to think about dating you after being friends for over three years. I've often thought back to memories of us as friends not knowing we were going to fall in love and laugh.

I have no regrets. You are the love of my life, the one I want to be with for all time. One of my greatest decisions of my life was asking you out. Julie, I love you.


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