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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Celebration of Love
Dedicated to My husband, Bill

Submitted by Brenda

We were co-workers at a regional teaching hospital. Through lunches, phone calls, and love notes both hand-written and cut out of the newspaper, we fell in love. Sneaky, we were, or so we thought. People later told us they could tell what we were up to. Through some trials and tribulations, we became one through marriage. Everyone knew we were finally happy - we each had, somehow, found the love of our lives.

Between the two of us, we had three children, but came very close to adopting a fourth child. You helped me raise my daughter, and she still loves you dearly to this day. We have made it through several job lay-offs, bankruptcy, ailing parents, and still we cling to each other for moral support. We still hold hands and kiss in public. You never fail to amaze me by bringing me wildflowers, gifts, and making me feel like a queen. We have fooled everyone who thought we'd never make it this far.

In August of 2006 we will celebrate 25 years of marriage. For our anniversary, I can think of no other place in the world I'd rather celebrate than in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, my dream vacation since I was a little girl. Even though another job lay-off has appeared recently, you have told me you'll still try to get us to our long-awaited destination. Well, something tells me we're gonna make it one day.

Thank you, Bill, for your support and above all the love you've given me, our daughter, and my parents. Thank you for being such a good sport for moving in with my Grandmother. You're a good man with a kind heart, and I hope we'll be able to celebrate next year island-hopping the beautiful Hawaiian islands in the Pacific.

Brenda Leopard

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