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Love Stories of Hawaii


Swinging into Action
Dedicated to Juls, my bride to be.

Submitted by Kevin

I knew Julie for three years before I finally had the opportunity to ask her out. Like most guys out on a first date with a woman admired from afar for so long, I wanted to impress her.

After a nice dinner, I took her to a miniature golf course and driving range. She openly confessed she wasn't good at miniature golf before beating me by four strokes.

We still had a few minutes before the driving range closed so I purchased a bucket of golf balls. With my roommates golf clubs, we proceeded to take turns swinging. I volunteered to go first. My whole attire was dress casual that evening to impress her. I didn't realize that wearing dress shoes with no tread on wet astroturf mats was a bad idea, until I took the first swing and tumbled off the mat. I spent the rest of the time driving golf balls standing in my dress socks.

A few minutes later, I wanted to show Julie how much power my golf swing generated. Gripping the shaft as hard as possible, I brought the head back and exploded forward. The ball remained on the tee after I followed through. The club on the other hand, helicoptered through the air making a loud whooshing noise as it landed eighty yards down range. Julie was doubled over with laughter. Sheepishly, I looked towards other customers at the not so crowded range. Several were talking with each other and pointing into the sky.

We finished driving the remaining balls and I retrieved the club while avoiding the chip shots of more experienced golfers.

Julie enjoys telling the story of that night and impersonate her tumbling fiance. My goal that night was to impress her. By being willing to laugh at myself and show her a wonderful time, I accomplished my goal.

With no hesitation, did she agree to become my wife and we now excitedly plan our honeymoon to Hawaii. I insist that no driving ranges be included on our itinerary.

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