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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

To whom it concerns:
Dedicated to Herschel Mims

Submitted by Patrice

To whom it concerns:

Please keep my husband safe as he risks his life to save others. He's got four kids and a loving wife who love and adore him and are desperately awaiting his return.

Tell him that I need him to be the yin to my yang, my port in the storm. He keeps me grounded when I want to fly away and inspires me to be my best. When he is home, he lets me sleep in while he takes care of our children, and for this I owe him my sanity. He doesn't tell me I'm "hot", he tells me I am beautiful.

Tell him that our children need him to teach them to drive and fix cars. They need him to teach them how NOT to shoot a couch(that is a whole other story!!) He needs to be here to show our sons how to treat a woman and our daughters how they should expect to be treated. He needs to show them old 70's chase movies so they can appreciate the TV and movies that we have today.

Because of this, I humbly ask that you look after him and make sure he gets home to the family who desperatly needs him.

P.S. He owes his loving wife a decent honeymoon. When we got married we had dreams of an elaborate honeymoon to Hawaii. Because we were both in the military, we were lucky to get the one night that we got. I expect a rain check!

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