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Love Stories of Hawaii


Mauna Kea Divine wedding
Dedicated to Moi and Spirit

Submitted by Lance

There we were, my love, our puppy and I, basking in the timeless grace of Mauna Kea's beauty.The sun was setting, Maui in the distant golden glistening ocean, We locked souls through our eyes, and shared our hearts through a kiss of eachoters tender lips. After that eternal moment I steped aside to explore while my love prepared the champagne. As I was picking up orange colored seeds for future crafts I looked down and couldn't believe it. My heart expanded in awe. A three braid woven ring on top of a mountain in the middle of an ocean. As I picked it up, in the distance I heard a pop, looked up and saw Moi oopening the champagne at the exact moment I found a ring. We both rejoiced in spirit guiding us to be together. Soon after we had the most unimaginably beautifull wedding. Nothing was planned. We were totally drivin by spirit and our highest selves in the moment when we said our vows. It flowed from the soul!!! Thank you madame Pele for birthing forth this island calle

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