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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Dedicated to You

Submitted by Colleen

How can I describe what it was like before you? I was going through life on a smooth and uncluttered pathway. There were few bumps in the road and I was content. Nothing really seemed to bother me much and I was always in a good mood. To me everything seemed to be the way it should be. Then I met you and things started changing.

My previously uncluttered pathway started to have obstacles around every corner. Nothing was simple and smooth anymore. The road had not only bumps but it also had huge potholes! Whatever happened to my content and predictable life?

You made me look at what I believed in and examine why I thought the way I did. I believed that love was never arguing and that it meant you were always going to be happy. If there were disagreements, you didn't necessarily voice them unless it was something that you felt very strongly about. You helped me to realize that you can love someone very much and still disagree with them. Neither of you has to change the way the other person thinks or feels. You can have differing opinions (totally opposite opinions) discuss them, even argue about them and it doesn't change the love you feel. You aren't loved any less if you disagree. We can argue and then make up without breaking up or apart.

I no longer have just my own wants and wishes to consider. I don't always get my own way. I need to think about how what I am doing will affect someone else. I can be upset or frustrated and allow someone to see me that way. I don't always have to show only the happy side of me. I can let others see me afraid, unhappy, or even angry. I can open myself up to friends and allow them to see the inner, vulnerable part of me. I don't always have to be the strong, cheerful friend.

I also came to realize that a road with no bumps becomes monotonous. A pathway with obstacles in it becomes challenging and exciting. The world around you appears sharper and more colorful. You begin to dream more and actively make your dreams come true.

I began to dream of Hawaii and the romance that it brings to mind. You brought the colors and warmth of Hawaii to my life even before we ever went there. With you there are obstacles in my path, bumps in my road, and love in my life. The sun shines brighter because we are traveling this bumpy, curvy, pothole filled road together. You are there to help me traverse this new road, supporting me when I need it, helping me up when I fall, and walking beside me when the road is wide enough. You are there to hold me when I need to cry and laugh with me over something silly. You have changed my life and I thank you. I love you.

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