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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Proposal
Dedicated to My Hun- Bun, Dave

Submitted by Elizabeth

I went to Italy for over a month for an exchange program through the Rotary Club. I had an amazing time and even learned Italian! Towards the end of my trip, Dave decided to join me. He flew into Rome, and then we took a fun train ride to Venice. We had a very romantic time in Venice and I thought that he might ask me to marry him, but we were there for the first full night and nothing! Then, the second day I threw around some questions and statements saying how romantic Venice is and what a wonderful place it would be to get engaged, but he didn't have much to say. I couldn't take it anymore, the second night I went snooping around to see if he had a ring. When he was in the shower, I looked around the room, but NOTHING! I gave up! Then on the third day in romantic Venice I wanted to go on a gondola, I still had hope for Dave to propose to me! Dave really didn't want to go, he said that they were better things to do. I was amazed; I couldn't believe he did not want to go on the gondola, now I knew for sure he was not going to ask me to marry him. Finally I convinced him to go on. I was again joking around saying how romantic it would be for someone to get engaged in Venice especially on a gondola, and even asked him if he had anything to ask me. He said yes, he did, he wanted to know if I was having fun. HAHA- But then he said he really did have something to ask me and got down on one knee, I told him to get back up and stop being so silly. But he was not joking! He got back down on one knee with a black box in his hand. He was very romantic and said something along the lines, "Elizabeth I have known you for over seven years, and they have been the best years of my life". After those words and seeing him down on one knee, I couldn't hear anything else and just started to cry. Then he began to cry. Next thing I knew I had a BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger and he we both had tears of happiness in our eyes! The whole time he had planned to ask me on the gondola, he just pretended he didn't want to go to throw me off. He really did surprise me! After Venice we went on to Amsterdam, Naples, and then back to Rome. What an amazing time to end my six-week vacation!! Just in case you are wondering where the ring was when I went snooping, Dave actually took it into the bathroom with him and hid it behind the toilet seat knowing I would be looking for a ring. He really does know me!!!! We are now planning for a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii!

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