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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Little Things
Dedicated to Everyone who reads it

Submitted by Colleen

It's been a long cold winter and I'm so glad it is over. There didn't seem to be much sunshine this year. Somehow when the sun stays away for such a long time the mood of the people around you starts to turn just as grey. When you add gloomy people to a gloomy day you really end up wishing you were somewhere else. On those days I would dream of Hawaii and my last summer there.

It started in May when everything was in bloom and the skies were blue. My husband and I decided that we were going to take the summer off and enjoy ourselves. We arranged for someone to watch the house and since we had saved our vacation time up we were able to be gone for the whole summer. And what a summer it was! Romance was in the air and we were totally affected by it.

We would walk along the shoreline holding hands and kicking up the sand now and then. The twinkles in our eyes competed with the twinkling stars at night, and my husband's smile could light up the dark. We both were able to fully relax and remember why we loved each other. The sweet aroma of the flowers surrounded us as we hiked the trails and explored everywhere. As our skin darkened from the sun our spirits lightened and we fully enjoyed every minute of every day.

Our days were filled with kayaking, hiking, swimming, and exploring while our nights were full with dancing under the moon and sitting on the beach watching the reflections in the water. He would put his arms around me and nuzzle my neck as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I turned my head and smiled up at him as I snuggled closer in his arms. Frequently people would look at us, smile, and ask if we were newlyweds. We usually gave each other a quick look, a smile, and then said yes. After all it's never been said that you couldn't be newlyweds after 25 years. Our love was just as strong and fresh as it was when we were first married.

Romance doesn't have to disappear with the years. It's the little things that mean so much and are often forgotten. The flowers picked from the garden and put in a vase for you to find when you get home from a long day at work. The little note you find in your pocket that says I Love You'. The look from across the crowded room that tells you he can't wait to go home with you. A smile, a caress, a softly spoken word these are just a few of the little things that are so important.

Our summer in Hawaii had to come to an end, but the romance that was rekindled will burn for a long time. All we have to do is remember the little things.

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