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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Good Marriage Gone Bad
Dedicated to ??

Submitted by Anonymous

"Will you take my hand in marriage, and be mine forever and ever?" Said Nick as his opening line of marriage to Kane. Kane took a while to answer because she was so astonished that this was happening to her! She took in a deep breath and answered, "Yes! I will marry you I have been waiting for this year for 10 years now!" As she was saying her enthusiastic speech, she immediately jumped into is arms singing her future wedding song which she immediately made it Notice Me, by the ZettaBytes.

The next day, Nick explained what had happened between Kane, and him. His mom named Petunia rejoiced and decided to make a big thing out of it, she called all of her friends from France and from France. Nick said it wasn't necessary (in other words he didn't want her to be doing this) but Petunia just kept on dialing those numbers like she was a telemarketer. Since Kane got so annoyed at Petunia dialing those numbers, she uncontrollably yelled at her "STOP!" Petunia was so upset that Kane felt this way that she ran up to her 30sq room to cry and rest and rest her head.

When Kane and Nick got home, Nick asked Kane why she did that to his poor mother. Kane was so sorry she kept on saying to him "I couldn't help it, I couldn't help it!" Nick would not agree with her though, so Nick slept on the lazy boy that day.

The next morning Nick forgave Kane for what she did. They planned the wedding to be outside, because they just loved the outdoors. They went to go visit it, and they said it was amazing! They said they'd take it right away. The assistant that worked there said the closest day was the 30th of May, and they were now… THE 29TH OF MAY!! They said they'd accept it. The assistant tried to warn them about this day and why it was cancelled, but they just wouldn't listen to him.

The second they came home, they had to go shopping for the dresses, tuxedo, food, invitations, etc… They were in such a rush that you could not believe. When they called Petunia to come to the wedding she said "Are you sure you want me to come" in a sad voice, but then right away she asked, "what day is it?" They responded with a low tone of voice that it was tomorrow, Petunia screamed and nearly had a heart attack.

The next day came, and luckily they had all their invitations and dresses. What they found out when they got there that it was scheduled to rain, the assistant said that he tried to tell them yesterday. Half of the people didn't come so they had to reschedule, and make it be the day after tomorrow.

They went back home in a pout but on their way home a vicious squirrel, and a 3 feet deep puddle ruined her $300 wedding dress! She was really mad at what happened. So she called a seamstress and the laundry mat shortly after to fix her dress. She went to go pick her wedding dress the day of her wedding, but the seamstress by accidentally did the thread pink instead of white! She was so mad; that I think steam was coming out of her ears. To calm herself down, she did yoga, and kept on saying to herself nobody will notice.

Well when they got to the wedding… Someone noticed, and that someone was Petunia, she went up to her and immediately said "I hope that isn't your wedding dress, I hope you have your wedding dress somewhere in like a bathroom somewhere." Of course Kane was pissed, so she did what she does best of all, a.k.a; slapping her. Nick came up, and broke them up right away and said happily "this is our big day, we should be celebrating not fist fighting with my mother… RIGHT KANE!?" Kane just nodded, and walked away. Nick followed her as a loyal husband would, especially on someone's wedding day. Nick did the only thing he could do… He grabbed Kane by the wrist and dragged her to the alter so they could say their vows and get married. Nicks vows were very romantic, and then Kane's vows, were lets say creative. They said their "I dos" and got married. They celebrated with red wine and at the end let off balloons and planted two new roses standing side by side in their very own new garden.

They learned that even though they did have a tough time planning it, they still got married, and had fun doing it!

After they had gotten married they went to hawaii and had a child there, and named her Rose Petunia Grenecian.

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