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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Today, Tomarrow, And Forever
Dedicated to My Devoted Wife

Submitted by Anonymous

10 years now sweetheart. 10 years, andi can't imagine a single day with out seeing your heart felt smile or your feeling your radiant warmth. you are the true symbol of devotion and a love. my fondest memory of complete contentness will never fade into the mire photo archives of my mind, but will always stay clear as if it was just yesterday. this memory that i hold so dear occurred as we strolled along the beach outside our resort in maui, hawaii. i remenber so vividly, that as we walked, i managed to get ahead of you by only a few feet. as i stopped to wait, i turned to see the sun fading past the horizon over your shoulder. this was the presice moment that i witnessed the most beautiful sight imaginable. there you were, glowing like an angel. you were walking hand in hand with our two wonderful sons and our third was on the way. as i looked at my family, i couldn't feel anything but total happiness. as our eyes met, you mouthed "today,tomarrow, and forver. i love you". all that you have given me could never be explained with words. i will always charish your love and companionship and will always see the beauty you portray not only on that magical night, but in all times to come. today,tomarrow, and forever.

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