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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dream Came True
Dedicated to to my wonderful husband Jimmy

Submitted by Jimmy

My husband and I found each other via Internet and we believe we are truly blessed with the precious gift of Our Love.

We lived in different countries: he lived in America and I lived in Belarus. We had a correspondence during six months till we first met. Jimmy took a job in the war torn country of Iraq so that he could earn enough money that we could meet and be together. I still remember how one evening I wrote a special letter telling him about my dream. After that letter he confessed me in his deep love for me. As my husband saved almost every my letter now I can quote those words I wrote him, "I have a dream and I want to share it with you. I see myself and my love sitting on the sand on the seashore... He is holding me tight with warmth and tenderness and our hearts are beating in tune... I feel myself totally safe and secure, loved and cared – calm and excited at one and the same time, confident... We are looking far, at the sunrise, at the sunset... where the sea and the sky flow into each other and make one... the day is changed by the night, the autumn by the winter, the spring by the summe
– and we and our Love remain immutable, unfailing, devoted, true…"

Finally a year after we happily got married in Denmark surrounded by our relatives and friends. We had our honeymoon living in a nice hotel and enjoying our togetherness. Though one bothering thought was in our minds all the time – after our honeymoon we had to fly again to different places in order to start the process of getting me an immigrant visa to come to America.

It was such a happy day when we finally did this and I came to my loving husband to stay forever. Jimmy met me in the airport with seven red roses. We were so excited to be able to kiss and to hold each other tight knowing that we have all time of our lives. And then I noticed an envelope in my bouquet, there were two tickets to Hawaii! I felt tears of happiness in my eyes, I was so touched. In three days we were enjoying our real honeymoon coddling in the sun, revealing the amazing beauty of exotic nature, swimming in the transparent clear water and relaxing in the cool breeze.

And one morning I asked my husband why he decided to make such a wonderful surprise for me. And he amazed me even more with his answer,

"Honey, do you remember the dream you shared with me in one special letter and then I told you about my feelings?"
"Yes, I remember, my love."
"I kept your dream in my heart to make it come true one day. And already then I imagined us together on Hawaii."

Thus this magical place Hawaii made our dream come true!

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