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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love teach how to fly in your Dream
Dedicated to Him

Submitted by Anonymous

It all started in last july when i suddenly got his mail, he was old friend but very rarely we use to talk. the day I got his mail, I felt that this is what i was waiting for my whole life. I started flying in my dreams. He prosped me, I want to accept it but I was sacred from parent side because i know they will never agree for this relation, but still i said him yes. the feel that noe i can see him in my dreams give me everything, the smile, the passion, the beauty, the motive, satisfaction, love, magic...ahhh

Well I decided to continue this affair, i know i will never be suceeded in this, but I just want him for a day, just want to listen him, just want to hear my name from his lip.

As he was very far away from me, we never mat in this affair, it was all the long distance love but still i use to feel him anytime, uffff I loved that feeling. We use talk talk whole day and night. even we had decided to make our honeymoon in Hawaii. I shared every thing with him. I was so happy to be him, but the day came when I have to say him goodbye forever and said him No, i can't continue it, I just started because I just want to live in his heart for sometime and the time is up, now i want my heart back, can't live in yor heart any more. He got very angry and all things finish.

Ya, evry thing finish I ask my heart back from him but I reture gave all my feeling and sentiments to him forever. now he is not in my life but I am still walikng with him

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